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Creator of Evolution Nutrition

Evolution Nutrition is a nutrition app that coincides with Amazing Meds
& our holistic approach to optimizing health!

Meet Sandee Lark!

Certified Personal
Trainer (CPT-NASM)

IPBB Pro Figure Athlete
& 2-time Champion!

Corrective Ezercise
Specialist (CES-NASM)

Fitness Nutrition
Specialist (FNS)

Behavioral Coaching
Specialist (BSC-NASM)

Sandee Lark is the proud owner of Lions Lair Pro Gym located in Colorado Springs, CO and our resident expert in all things health, fitness, & nutrition. Sandee’s ongoing dedication as a pro athlete continues to prove her passion for elevating lifestyle and prioritizing wellness.

Sandee is committed to her clients’ success and believes maintaining a healthy weight is integral to managing chronic symptoms and preventing serious illness. Finding a nutrition plan that fits your unique needs is key. Sandee is our guru with just that because she is excellent at helping to develop customized nutrition programs for sustainable weight management as well as bringing harmonious balance back to your hormones and overall health.

Sandee’s nutrition plans & services are available in-person or virtually.


  • Ability to fully build, edit, & customize meal plans from scratch

  • Meals plans come with complete recipes and provide shopping lists to help ensure clients will enjoy their new lifestyle

  • Each plan is designed to be heart-healthy and well-balanced with a wide variety of foods & recipes to help clients learn to develop healthier eating habits

  • Ideal for clients needing energy boosts & high levels of alertness throughout the day

  • Nutrient software has access to over 4,400 nutrition-focused meal plans covering 22 diet category types

  • Includes weekly phone check-ins with Sandee to monitor weekly progress