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Gain an in-depth understanding of your hormonal profile with our comprehensive hormone test panels.

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What Our Patients Say About Us Yes! After I started using the proper dosage of testosterone I got my mojo back! I started enjoying working out again and my mood improved! I’ve been using Amazing Meds two months and they got me on track! Thanks for sharing their info. I’m now sending my clients to them to get their hormones checked 😍


Amazing Meds is awesome! 😜 They have always taken care of my HRT & peptides so well. Great staff and well run.

- Clare Morrow

The staff at Amazing Meds has been nothing short of exceptional. Always answering questions, looking out for your health, etc. The service and products I have received from them has been excellent. I am in my mid 40’s but feel like I am in my 20’s, amazing med has been along side me every step of the way to get me here.

- Robert Barrett

I went to my doctor recently with questions regarding hormone replacement and she spent about 5 minutes explaining my options. This was very frustrating, so I decided to schedule a complimentary consultation with Amazing Meds. They explained the process thoroughly, ordered my labs and scheduled another consultation. Brooke,was so helpful and took her time explaining all my labs and my options for BHRT. My prescription was placed and mailed to me very quickly.

- Laura Heikkila

Thanks for the help today Vanessa. You killed it. Making sure patience understand take home procedure and dosing. Also recitfied some issues with great resolve. Thanks again.

- Kaleb Nehring

Junior and the team here provide the best customer service out of all the TRT clinics I’ve been too… they go out of there way to communicate every step of the way and make the process as easy as possible

- Joseph Deluca

Our Experienced Medical Team Helps Men & Women
Nationwide Feel Better and Happier

Diana Pencheva

Dermatologist, MSN, FNP – C

Dr. Ana Lisa Carr

Medical Director

Brooke Browne

Dermatologist, MSN, FNP – C

Tiffany Alexander


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit to how long you can stay on hormone treatments if you are happy with the results. One main purpose of the 8-week follow up with our medical staff is to make sure the prescribed treatments are working well for patients. Our medical staff is always here to continue to follow up and adjust the treatment plan to best meet the patients’ needs long-term.